Bayview Cottages ~1930

A lot looks the same along Bayview Avenue...


Judging from the cars in front, this photo was probably taken about 1930.  Note the seawall along the front of the dunes between Houghton and Ocean Avenue.

Shortly after this page was first released, an anonymous brother wrote...

That concrete wall, between Houlton & Ocean, was a
wonderful spot for young couples.  We used to sit there and look at the
moon over the water and try to get as many kisses as possible.  This was
a particularly convenient place when dating one of the waitresses from
any of the three hotels that had waitresses (most of whom knew better
than to agree to walk down by the river side).  The trouble, of course,
was that all the other couples were coming to the same wall, and it was
not at all unusual to have half a dozen couples sitting there, spaced
equally far apart ... that arrangement let us talk with some semblance of
privacy, but it really cut down on the kissing.


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