Missing Lifeboat


This photo was taken sometime before WWII.  It was at about the time of the war that the picture windows were installed on the front porches.  Rodney Laughton's father tore down the barn in 1964 to provide parking space. The Breakers was built in 1900 and given the name that year.  It became The Breakers Inn in 1932 when Elmer Robinson became the first innkeeper.  His mother was the daughter of the original owner, Frank P. Cummings. Rodney's parents purchased the property in 1956 from the Cummings Estate.

The seawall in the foreground was gone by the 1960's, and the lifeboats on the beach have been gone for at least as long.  There were at least two boats on the scene, as I remember one at the foot of Ashton Street.


The new sea wall along with a "transplanted" cottage are the two major changes to the scene along with the missing barn behind the Breakers and the lifeboat.

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