In the 1940's and perhaps early 1950's, we had a lifeboat on the beach between Pearl Street and Ashton Street 24 hours a day.  With sea level rise and resulting beach erosion, we no longer have that option today as even a normal high tide would take the boat out to sea.

In August of 2006, I received the following note:

"Hello Steve,

My sister suggested that I look on this website and that I would recognize a
particular picture. I do!! I am the young lady in the lifeboat!! My name
is Virginia Vadakin now but at that time I was Virginia Roberts. My parents
first started taking me to Higgins Beach when I was three years old. I went
almost every summer until I finished college and have been back many times
with my two children over the years. We originally stayed at Higgins Inn and
later moved on to The Breakers when Mr. And Mrs. Laughton purchased it. My
sister, Mary, also spent many happy years there and she and her husband
still go to Higgins every summer for a week. It was a delight to see the
picture and by the way it would definitely be in the 50's, probably around
54. Thanks for the memories. They are terrific!!

Virginia Roberts Vadakin"


Not about to happen!

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