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Help us determine the date of this.....

In August of 2006, I received the best guess to date from John Curley....

"My name is John J. Curley. My family lived on Houghton Street, two houses up
from the beach from the "Queen Bee" between the early 1900's and 1974 and I
spent many a happy Summer there. Indeed, being given your website by my Son Jeff,
I spent a few hours wandering down memory lane. I will be 72 this November
and could identify Brad Thompson from his picture.

Scanning the aerial photograph I recognize many familiar features. I see the
house which belonged to Doctor Charles Geer and it is white. I also note that
the cottages (the Ledges) were not yet built. They were built just after WW II
by Castleton (sp?) and Carasco as I recall. The Geer house had been a dark
color somewhere around that time and was then painted white.

I also note that there is evidence of 'clear-cutting' in the woods, just SW
of the Garage/Store next to Higgins Inn. This was done by men with two-man saws
and Coke Bottles with sprinkler spouts, full of kerosene used to lubricate
the saws.

From these observations I would date the photo in the 1946-47 era."

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