Taxpayer Monument 1958

Then....  It's not exactly a real history shot, but it is August, 2005, and with the recent release of the new property evaluations, it seemed appropriate to note that as a group we, as a group, sometimes felt a bit left out of the community.  The inscription reads "Here Lies The Higgins Beach Rock Quarry, In Memoriam Of The Forgotten Higgins Beach Taxpayers On Scarborough's 300th Anniversary, 1658 - 1958".

The average interior lot on the beach measuring 50' by 100' now carries an evaluation of $450,000.  So much for that fixer-r-upper!  Painful as it might be today, in another 47 years those of us who remain will be saying "My Dad told me that he could of bought that cottage for $500,000.... and now I wish that he had!"


Give it a few days..... maybe something will pop up!

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