Kelly Cottage Pre-WWII

This month we really have a "big switch" for your imagination.

From Rodney Laughton's collection of historic photographs of the beach comes this pre-World War II photo of the Peterson cottage at the westerly corner of Houghton and Cliff Streets.  The cottage belonged to Portland businessman Elliot Peterson, a car dealer on Forest Avenue in Portland.  The cottage was moved to Vesper Street and Mary Kelly remodeled it, so you would never recognize it today.   Joseph and Emma Jordan purchased the property and their granddaughter lives there today.



This shot, taken on December 19, 2006 tries to replicate the same photograph.  But for the first two cottages on Cliff Street, notice how the structural lines of the next four cottages still line up as they did then.  As for the cottage that was moved to the top of Vesper Street, check out the photo below.

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