24 Vesper Street  1926


                                      24 Vesper Street   1926

When we last featured Ginny Leavitt on our History Pages, she was a visitor to the Vesper Street Tent City  (link).  She obviously graduated from tent living when her father, Harry Hay, purchased a newly finished cottage across the street.  The cottage was actually built in 1925.  The above photo has a note on the back written by Ginny's mother which reads "Our Cottage at Higgins Beach.  Taken July 20 - 1926".  Harry in fact bought two additional adjacent lots beside this one going closer to the beach.  Those lots still exist today, but things have certainly changed.  The photo below shows Ginny posing in what used to be referred to as the sand lot.  We love photos such as this for what is seen or perhaps not seen in the background.

Beryl Lowell's cottage still stands across the street as does the Lynch cottage shown on the right.  Notice the absence of structures in the background heading to the beach and to the river.

Now ....

The cottage photo below was taken on October 14, 2008 as was the side yard photo.

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