Curley Cottage


Several cottages on the beach fall into the category of "from away".  Many were moved here after World War II, and others were built somewhere else and then moved here as is the case with the Curley Cottage at the foot of Vesper Street.

Charles Sirois of Midway, South Carolina, writes... "My Dad built that cottage in the 50's ( Cost $2000 ) at Crescent Beach, ( the camp was on the beach there ) in the early 60's the State bought land from him when they when they built the State Park. They gave him the camp back.  He bought the lot on Vesper St. which was vacant except for a cellar hole and garage, for $5000 .  We had a beach party with friends and dug out the cellar hole then built the foundation.  My sister has a 8mm movie of that.  Moved the camp there an added the fireplace.  There was a screened-in front porch, not a deck.  The next owner built that after a storm took out the front of the cottage the year after he bought it from Dad.  The cost to move it was also $5000.  We have many pleasant memories of our time there.  When Dad sold it, he offered to me ($46,000 ).  At the time I was looking to buy a year round home, so I refused... I kick myself where the sun don't shine now!  The wife & I stayed there in a storm at high tide.  The water was all around the cottage, like a island, and the garage was taken off its foundation, but the waves never touched the cottage.  I never stayed there again in another storm.  We miss the sound of the waves breaking on the sea wall out front... went to sleep many a night to that sound. "

Under Construction

The picture above shows the completed cottage in Kettle Cove, and in the background, you can see the original Kettle Cove lobster Pound which has since been torn down.


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