Higgins Beach Aerial 1960


More than a few changes have occurred in 50+ years here on the beach.  This is a picture of a framed photograph, so we apologize for the glare and we are trying to get the owner's permission to remove the backing from the photo to be able to scan or photograph a clearer shot.

Starting with the upper left corner, notice the absence of the old store which had been just torn down.  Along the bottom, notice the presence of dune grass as oppossed to a seawall.  Notice the old parking lot at the foot of Ashton and of course the stately Silver Sands hotel.  One can go street by street and cottage by cottage noting significant changes.  Perhaps this might encourage some of you to look in your grandmother's old photo albums for historic beach photos!!


Picture from Maine Multiple Listing Service 5/28/15

Not the clearest photo, but the changes in many cases are very obvious.

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