Covid-19 Virus Options and Help

As we try to work thru this virus epidemic, here are some shopping options which will either keep you safe at home or safer with curbside pick up shopping options:

Amato's Scarborough
Amato's is offering curbside service.  If you just need cream for your coffee or milk for your cereal, it's a good alternative.  Order on-line or call it in.  (207-883-2402)

C Salt Gourmet Market  
The market does have a curbside takeout.  We haven't tried yet, so more details will come.  Call in advance at 207-956-7700.

The Cheese Iron
    The Cheese Iron is open for curbside pickup only  (207-883-4057).

El Rayo
A limited take-out menu is offered between noon and 8 PM.  Curb side pickup is an option when you call in (207-883-8226)

The Good Table
A limited breakfast menu is offered between 9 and noon, and the days are limited as well.  (207-799-4663)

Harbor Fish
    You can place your order for curbside pickup by calling in.  (207-775-02510).  They were very helpful.  You set a pick-up time, charge the order to your credit card, drive to the front of the market, and then call to say that you are outside.  Your order will be brought out to you.  They will put it in your trunk if you so desire.

Inn By The Sea - The Sea Glass Restaurant
     A limited menu is available and they will bring it to you curbside.  (207-799-3134)

JoJo's Thai Kitchen  
    Take-out and curbside pickup available (207) 883-5625

Lois Natural Foods
Email your order to by 11:59 PM for curbside pickup the next day.  They will call you for payment and to schedule the pick up time.  When you arrive call 885-0602.  Their website provides their Deli Menus and a list of product under Produce Update/blog.   All store items are available, although not everything is listed on the if you need help.

The Maine Bagel Company
The Maine Bagel offers drive-up window service (207-883-0070)

Oak Hill Beverage
    Need spirits?  Oak Hill Beverage offers curbside pickup  (207-883-3965)
    You will need to know the specific brand when you call.

O'Reilly's Cure
Curbside pickup is available from thgeir takeout menu  207-517-2222

Pat's Pizza
Pat's is offering curbside pickup  (207-883-8441)

Romeos Sports Bar & Grill
     They will do curbside only if you ask for it.  (207-883-8883)

Portland Pie Company
Portland Pie offers the option to specify curbside pickup when you call in an order and pre-pay.  They will ask for the type of vehicle that you are driving.  They have a marked area for pickup and will bring the order to you.  Portland Pie also offers home delivery in Scarborough.

Sam's Wholesale Club - Membership Required and well worth it
We found Sam's to be a convenient site to shop and the app is even easier.  Pay attention to items that are pick up "in Club" versus "ship from online".   They will note when items are out of stock in the store and online.  They were often out of paper products and pick-up deliveries were usually a couple days out, so plan ahead.  
You can pay online and they will text you when the order is ready.  Text Sam's when you arrive in the parking lot and then pull up to the Club Pick Up.  They bring your order out and you load it into your vehicle.    Note: if you buy spirits, you will need to pay in person.

Concierge Service is available from 7 - 9 am on Tues and Thurs for Seniors and those with sensitive health issues.  Pull up with a list and an associate will shop for you, bring your items to your vehicle and obtain payment.

Scratch Bakery
Need Bagels or bread?  Scratch Bakery in South Portland (207-799-0668) will take your order for curbside pick-up.  Pay online and schedule the pick time and then you will receive an emailed confirmation.  They are providing curbside on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Order several days in advance to reserve baked goods.  Pull up along side the business and associates will come out and ask for you name, then bring your order out...we suggest opening your trunk for zero contact. Cars may back up along Preble, but have no moves along very quickly.

Shaw's Supermarket
Shaw's offers home delivery once you sign up for membership.  We suggest filling a cart online and then checking back for delivery may take a few tries before you can schedule, so try early morning.

We will try to add other vendors to this list.  If you have personally tried other vendors, please e-mail me with your comments or recommendations and I will add them to the list.

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