Playing On The Beach in the 1920's


This photo from a collection of Richard Irwin's provided to us by Alyson Bristol shows young Mr. Irwin playing on the beach in front of the Silver Sands Hotel.

Note the size of the natural sand dunes heading from the hotel in a direction to what is now Morning Street.  We are estimating Richard's age in this photo to be about three or four which would date the photo to be taken about 1928.  Many of us still remember Mr Irwin and his beloved dog Hobo as they strolled to the beach from his cottage beside the Breakers.


The Silver Sands is obviously gone and many cottages have been built or revamped along the beach front.  The Breakers Inn and the Edwards cottage at the corner of Bayview Avenue and Ocean Avenue can be seen in both cottages as can the peak roof of the Leavitt cottage.

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