Bayview Cottage For $2,000


The Bird House as we know it today is the little red cottage on the corner of Greenwood and Ashton, but in the early 1950's, it was a very small cottage nearly attached to the Blue Bird cottage on Bayview.  Both were owned by Blanche Clough who bought the cottages in 1939 and later sold them to Margaret Hall in the Spring of 1958.  This picture was taken for a bank appraisal and noted the value of the small cottage at $2,000.  Earle Hall still controls the Blue Bird, but the Bird House by itself sold in 2009 for a high $300,000 number and could probably double that amount in today's market.

The other handwriting at the top right of the photo may be the appraiser's value on the Blue Bird.

Note the two front doors on the Bird House as it was actually rented as a duplex unit for a period of time.


A lot looks the same 73 years later!!

Picture taken 03/30/21

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