Higgins Overview Early 1900's


The mysterious rock appears once again!  In the early 1900's, Higgins Beach was much more vacant than it is today.  This picture was obviously taken from Cliff Street looking East along the beach.  We featured a similar photo a few months ago but this was different enough to make it a worthy candidate.  Most of the large oceanfront cottages on the left still are with us.  The Silver Sands Hotel seems to project itself from the frontal dunes, and the pastureland in the distance is now mostly covered by woods.

Historian Rodney Laughton recently relayed a story to me told to him by a former resident, Cathy Kennedy.  Cathy informed Rodney that a group of soldiers camped out on Cliff Street during the war to watch for submarines.  Maybe just bored, but they apparently rolled the rock over the cliff where it apparently rests today.   

Photo Taken 10/27/22

A lot different and a lot the same.  We haven't figured out where the white rock is or was, but maybe someone will enlighten us!

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