Current Beach Photos

This page will hopefully allow those who cannot live year round at the beach to enjoy a series of updated photos of Higgins Beach.  For those of you in far away states and places, we use this site to share monthly pictures of the beach.  Drop us an e-mail message, and we will add you to our monthly "Higgins Beach Fix" list, which will alert you to changing pictures and other news from the beach.

Click on the links below to see the recent September photos.   As each year progresses, we will continue to add event photos, parade photos, and other beach photos when appropriate.

Click on any of these pictures to go to the selected scenes.

Photos are provided in a reduced format for quicker loading time.  

September Photos

Beach and Family Events

2020 Higgins Beach
Flower Show

July 4th Parade History

July 4th Parade History

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